Since its release late last year, Super Mario Odyssey has been skyrocketing in sales worldwide. It’s no question that Nintendo has outdone themselves with this newest addition to the Mario franchise. You can have little to no experience with previous Mario games, or even be that person who has played every single game in the series; be it whether you’re young or old, Super Mario Odyssey is a beautiful game for every gamer.

The main reason for this, one that everyone can agree on, is the game’s flexibility when it comes to the platforming mechanics. The learning curve when it comes to the limits of Mario’s movements in-game is astoundingly simple to execute, where only a few buttons are all you need to maneuver throughout the game’s beautiful stages. It’s easy enough for new players to navigate around, but holds so much potential for experienced players to pull off crazy acts of skill-based movement. The beauty of this action is that no matter who you are, you can play the game. However, you want and explore the world at a pace that’s best for you.

As seen from the video provided which showcases a gameplay trailer made by Nintendo, there are so many ways for the player to navigate around the area. The game doesn’t teach you all the mechanics needed to maximize your vertical and horizontal movement. The player learns all these skill-based moves on their own by acquiring it themselves and making discoveries along the way. You don’t need to learn all these crazy aerial movements and such to finish the game. You can be a casual gamer and be a part of the stunning experience that Super Mario Odyssey has to offer.

Communities that revolve around Super Mario Odyssey such as the game’s official subreddit: /r/SuperMarioOdyssey have users showcasing clips of their movement at certain parts of the games. It reflects that there’s virtually no limit to the ways a player can reach from point A to point B. Favorite gaming sites such as IGN even has guides for Super Mario Odyssey that give tips and tricks on how to maximize your movement.

Something that I feel like gaming developers usually don’t think of when considering their target audience is the learning curve. They are more fixated on the content of the game and any themes that may be inappropriate or too childish. Super Mario Odyssey is a masterpiece in the sense that literally, anyone can have fun playing it. You can make the game challenging even for yourself by experimenting with all its platforming mechanics. Doing this adds a fresh layer of depth to this game, and it only adds to the experience. Even if you completed the game and are playing it for the umpteenth time, I assure you no playthrough will be like the last. You’ll always find new ways to move, and you’ll still feel that unparalleled sense of achievement when doing so. Whether you’re a platforming genius or you’re entirely new to the genre itself, you won’t regret playing Super Mario Odyssey. The game never stops giving, and you’ll always find yourself learning something new.

[Featured Image by othree | Flickr | CC BY 2.0]


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