The authors of I Am Setsuna returns with Lost Sphear, a new JRPG that is true to the style of the classics of the 90s and promises to improve everything seen in the first work of Tokyo RPG Factory leading us to live these grand adventures in a beautiful fantasy world in which memories are everything. Avoid the end of the world, and become a legend in this attractive video game.

More than 20 years have passed since classics such as Final Fantasy VI, Chrono Trigger, or Secret of Mana captivated us with its exciting action, heroes, and villains. Moreover its epic adventures and surprising arguments, despite this, all arts remained unwavering in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. These are video games of reference, the great JRPGs that marked a before and after, and they inspire the young studio Tokyo RPG Factory to create role-playing adventures like those of yesteryear. His first work, the interesting I Am Setsuna, already made clear that the Japanese were eager to make their mark in the video game industry and with the Lost Sphear, their next work for PC, PS4 and Nintendo Switch, promises to improve everything they failed previously.

Specifically, Square Enix wants to enhance the battle scenes giving them a more significant strategic component, without forgetting either the exploration of dungeons in which the authors of Lost Sphear pledged. With style typical of the classics of the 16-bit era, this JRPG has the potential to dazzle the most veteran of the genre without losing the opportunity to attract new generations. That’s why we highlighted the five keys by which we believe Lost Sphear can hit on a positive note.

A passionate study of the JRPG

It is said that Square Enix, when they began hiring personnel to work at the Tokyo RPG Factory, lurked in the shadows, leaving no record of his presence after this study. The reason? They wanted committed developers, passionate about role-playing adventures, and not creative ones who got on the boat for the prestige of the Japanese firm. They were also looking for young people wanting to make their mark in the video game industry. “The objective of the study was to recover the attractiveness of the role-playing games of the 90s with a team of people who love them to make them evolve and turn them into modern video games,” declared one of the architects of I Am Setsuna.

A continuous tribute

We enjoy recalling the old times; reviving the adventures that amazed us in our childhood, but it is precisely those good memories that in one way or another often become an insurmountable obstacle. How to match those emotions with those we grew up with? The first project of Tokyo RPG Factory maybe did not get to get it, but it did leave us with some good feelings that Lost Sphear promises to enhance incredibly. The premise is the same. Recover the style and sensations of the classics such as Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, or Secret of Mana to name some of the great references to the Japanese role. And the idea, it seems, is to delve even deeper into the emotions of the Lost Sphear protagonists, letting players take a more active part in the interpretation of the story.

Heroes come into action

Using as reference the combats of the legendary Chrono Trigger, I Am Setsuna opted for the classic Active Time Battle system which, in a few words, allows you to attack the opponent once you have loaded an energy bar. Lost Sphear repeats the game formula although, this time, in the face of criticism from fans, Tokyo RPG Factory gives the action a greater complexity that promises to improve and deliver a lot of sensations.

The main novelty? We can move freely through the battlefield in our corresponding turn to better take advantage of the unique abilities of the heroes or protect them from enemy attacks. Each attack movement has a range of action capable of hitting several targets, such as the crossbow, which strikes all the rivals that cross their path in a straight line. It seems a trifle, but when taken advantage of, the combat system can give us the most intense moments during the adventure, thus correcting one of the central defects of I Am Setsuna – battle simplicity.

A story for the memory

The argument premise of I Am Setsuna was fantastic but, with the passing hours, the story lost steam and did not finish reaching the level of quality that we expected. Tokyo RPG Factory claims to have taken note of the criticism. Thus, with Lost Sphear it raises a much more ambitious story. Starring young Kanata, this JRPG transports us to a world where memories are everything; without them, the world disappears, vanishes, and it is something we must avoid. The most exciting thing is that, this idea will be reflected with great pleasure in the video game itself, with a white mantle devouring all those regions where memory has been lost; something that will have implications in the development of the game itself.

A beautiful return to the 90s

There is something magical in Lost Sphear, as there was in I Am Setsuna; something that transports you irremediably to your childhood, to the times of Final Fantasy VI, Illusion of Time, or Secret Mana among other great classics of the Japanese role. And that something is the beautiful artistic section of a JRPG that, even with its technical limitations, even being a small scale project if we compare it with the high productions of Square Enix, it has that unique charm that ends up catching you.

The design of characters, the variety of locations through which we will move, the aesthetics of the villains and the mime with which the scenarios have been recreated, make us expect great things from this video game. If on a visual level, Lost Sphear is attractive, in the musical the new idea of Tokyo RPG Factory promises to be spectacular. Repeat the piano as a capital instrument; he will take the lead during most of the adventure but, unlike I Am Setsuna, this new JRPG will incorporate more tools given the greater variety of locations that the work presents.

Lost Sphear is much more varied in terms of the locations that are visited compared to I am Setsuna, we had the idea to record the songs with piano and a second instrument, in this way, we managed to keep everything good from I am Setsuna and create something new at the same time,” explains the game director. Further, the director claims the game manages to captivate the senses with melodies of great beauty that we are dying to listen to in its fullness during our trip through the fantasy world of Lost Sphear.

[Featured Image by Marco Verch | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY 2.0]


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