Overwatch charity campaign raised $12.7 million supporting breast cancer, which let players buy a pink skin for Mercy was a colossal achievement. Offers of this skin, alongside a unique shirt, raised $12.7 million for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, the association declared today.

$12.7 million is the single biggest donation by a corporate accomplice in the organization’s history of 25 years, as indicated by the BCRF.

As a major aspect of the philanthropy campaign, Blizzard additionally collaborated with over two dozen well known Overwatch streamers; these individuals alone acquired $130,000 for the battle, which kept running for two weeks.

Stephanie Kauffman, BCRF chief strategic alliances officer said in a statement, “Blizzard Entertainment’s record-breaking commitment to activate change for women’s health by mobilizing the gaming community worldwide will have a lasting impact.”

The pink Mercy in-game skin sold for $15, while the shirt went for $30. There was some measure of discussion over the in-diversion skin, however Blizzard immediately affirmed that it was profiting at all from the restorative thing.

“The BCRF does ‘critical work’ daily to help and support women’s health,” said Mike Morhaime, Blizzard CEO. “I’m grateful to all of the Overwatch players around the world who made supporting such a good cause possible with their enthusiasm for the game and their generosity.”



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