Permanent price cut for PlayStation VR in India. Retailers all over the country have been notified of Sony of the new PS VR India cost of Rs. 30,990. The PS VR camera package incorporates the PS VR headset, links, demo circle, and in particular the PS4 camera required for VR.

The updated price has been made effective instantly that has to be recorded on sites including Flipkart, Amazon, as well as Games the Shop. However, PS VR is accessible for nearly Rs. 4,000 to 5,000 less through the low market and parallel imports, some of which have discovered their way to Amazon’s postings and don’t have guarantee in India.

A remark as a main priority in case users are hoping to get PS VR now. With respect to PS VR supply, we’ve been given to comprehend that underlying amounts are rare. Enquiring a few stores in Mumbai, Begaluru, and Delhi uncovered accessibility of PS VR in the low single digits, with the majority of them not having in excess of two units in stock.

While, a media have connected with Sony for input and will refresh this story in the event that we get notification from the company.

Moreover, none of them have been informed about the time frame for accessibility of new PS VR packages either, persuading this is a stock clearing exercise from Sony. Nothing unexpected since PS VR costs as much as a PS4 does and you require one to utilize PS VR in the first place.


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