Total War: THREE KINGDOMS - Announcement Cinematic [PEGI UK] YouTube play

Creative Assembly, known for its highly acclaimed gaming series alongside SEGA, announced the publication of Total War: Three Kingdoms, the next installment of the multi-million selling gaming series, Total War. In its announcement today, SEGA and Creative Assembly presents Three Kingdoms’ focus on ancient China, exploring the rich cultures of one of the oldest civilization on Earth.

The plot of Total War: Three Kingdoms centered in 190CE China during its state of great disturbance where the Han Dynasty crumbles through the rise of Dong Zhou. The child-emperor, a mere puppet of Dong Zhou, lead ancient China into a brutal and oppressive regime slipping further into Anarchism.

Though hope emerges through an alliance from three heroes, who sworn to a brotherhood that will bring back order and peace.”Warlords of great families follow suit,” building a coalition to challenge Dong Zhou and his tyrannical rule, shaping the future of China.

In a nutshell, the twist of the story centers on the crumbling alliance of the three heroes die to personal interests. Total War: Three Kingdoms set to be released on PC this Fall.

SEGA and Creative Assembly will soon publish the gameplay video for the Total War: Three Kingdoms to give you a much more immersive view of the game. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

[Featured Image by Stefans02 | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | CC BY-SA 2.0]


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