Virtual reality has shaped how young people perceive technology. It is through this concept of virtual reality that game developers started to invent gaming consoles such as Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox among others. The production of these consoles led to the emergence of a market base that did not exist until the release of the famous Game Boy. This gaming device allowed users to play games while on the move. Although it was a small device without any impressive graphics and gaming experience, it changed the landscape of virtual reality.

Video games have adopted the concept of virtual reality whereby these games mimic real-life scenarios with minor adjustments and improvements to enhance the gaming experience. In essence, gamers appreciated the introduction of video games in the market because they could create their “own world” based on their preference.

Video games have evolved over the years whereby the young people from ages between 8-16 years old would play the game solely among the boys. However, at this modern age, girls have also embraced the gaming experience and took a liking to it. Nowadays, everyone irrespective of their age or gender plays all sorts of video games.

The introduction of the PlayStation completely revolutionized the gaming world. The Japanese Tech Company – Sony launched this console back in the early 2000s. Certain games were popularized after the launch of the PlayStation such as FIFA, Wrestling, and Basketball. Other games were developed as interest for playing the console grew across the world.

Adventurous and mission-oriented games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield influenced how young people perceived the army and military tactics during combat and warfare. These games exposed the players on tactical use of military weapons, mission plans, and assault rifles during high-danger zones. Meanwhile, titles such as Grand Theft Auto became popular among the young people in North America.

The fact that the game was developed based on the American landscape, about cities and the streets. Hence, most American players relate to the game since most of them lived in the cities featured in the game. However, the ethical and moral perspective of the video game was questioned by most parents who criticized the game for being too violent and aggressive for the young players.

The developers of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) defended the morality of the video game and asserted that the essence of the violence was to create awareness among gamers of the evil vices that have ruined the American society. The ingenuity behind the graphics of GTA changed the engineering of video games because of the level of interactivity with other avatars inside the game.

The game’s feature of fighting with other avatars such as police officers, civilians, and criminals within the game was empowering and revolutionary. It sparked a massive appreciation of game development software products with the inclusion of its graphics. Although people have demonized GTA to the extent of advising parents from buying the game for their children, it is ill-advised to do so since it exposes players to the real society.

Nowadays, the society is exposed to so much information such that it is impossible to escape the daily happenings across the world. Internet connectivity and social media sites have exposed the young people to so much such that most of them have become overwhelmed. Therefore, as a way of lightening this load, video games have eased the process of analyzing information whereby players can easily understand the society’s make up.

Video games such as GTA has forced young people to understand the society’s framework based on the approach integrated into the game. The essence of games is to help gamers familiarize themselves with the real world and to understand how it works.


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