Imagine your ideal modern FPS game, but more realistic and intense. The game Insurgency has all of that. In January of 2014, New World Interactive released their new title Insurgency on Steam.

Insurgency is fast-paced, close combat and tactical FPS that requires skills, focus, and strategy. The game takes place in the Middle East and features modern warfare, weapons, and scenarios.

The gameplay mainly revolves around the multiplayer mode where two teams, the Insurgents, and Counter-Terrorists, compete against each other in nail-biting gunfights to conquer objectives, eliminate other players or safely escort VIPs. Another favored game mode is online co-op or offline matches.


You might be wondering, how is Insurgency differ from other modern warfare FPS games? Insurgency focuses on realism and tactical gameplay. Unlike most other FPS games, you don’t solely shoot other players to win a match. Instead, you rely on your teammates, organized strategies, and communication skills to succeed.

A small mistake or poorly timed can result in your life. A single shot to the body could kill you, and absolute precision and recoil control are required to win a gunfight. This simulates real modern combat nicely and makes Insurgency so much more than “just another FPS game.”

With the large selection of guns, maps, game modes, and active servers, the possibilities are endless, and any shooter fan will find themselves obsessed with this well-polished title. Without a doubt, the most notable feature of Insurgency is the well structured, realistic and tactical gameplay.


The graphics in this game are stunning. The maps are very detailed, and everything ranging from the guns to trees looks terrific. The player models, particle effects, and weapons shot sounds are very well developed, making Insurgency way more immersive than you would expect.

Additionally, Insurgency was developed in Source. This means that the game runs smoothly on nearly any mediocre device, even at medium to high settings.


Conclusively, Insurgency is a phenomenal game. The new approach to standard modern FPS titles makes the gameplay unique, intense and addictive. Insurgency is a must-play game for gamers alike, FPS fans or not.


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