Sea of Thieves is an adventurous game that gives players a chance to explore the world of pirates with treasure hunting and thrilling dangers while navigating the vast sea. Players will encounter and fight enemies including fellow pirates, skeletons, sharks and other creatures in the game.

Heavy Joy Stick Game Review: Sea of Thieves

To allow players to experience the real “pirate life,” the game is majorly in water but is spiced up with several versatile islands, caves, dense forests and even modern cities where players encounter civilization and its delightful experiences.

The game, although built in cartoon-like form, is engaging. Players are given a chance mingle with friends where they goof around, mess up, but above all fight for survival as they find their way into the dangerous sea.

While playing the Sea of Thieves, you will be able to customize and unlock new costumes and gear like a compass and cool pirate prosthetics. You can also improve your ship with a variety of items, weapons, anchors and others.

The game operation has impressive additions such as the ability to shoot oneself or another player out of a canon into other ships. On the contrary, the game does not have a story plot (which apparently is the most important thing.) But, Individual players who prefer exploring different places, quest creating, individualized stories other than just sailing, this game is for you.

If players die in Sea of Thieves, they will interestingly find themselves in a ghost ferry with other ghosts aboard. To return to the world of the living, they will be required to accomplish specialized tasks for the captain of the ship and can recover their vessels by asking the magical mermaid.

Unlike other Microsoft games, cross play experience is possible on Sea of Thieves and if one purchases the game on Xbox One, they can play with other players on Windows and can still play the purchased game on a PC as well. The verdict, Sea of Thieves, is one epic adventure.


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