Summary: A concise view-point in comparing realistic views for voice acting.

Voice acting has been a dream for a lot of people who tend to project naturally with their voices, whether it would be a few lines of background standby or the delivery of iconic lines that may embody video games and other such media. 

Sadly, there are recent issues that have been presented to the profession that may require more attention from those actively seeking out such a career. 

While it may be easier for those who have iconic and distinct personas, others may find it hard to maintain that line of work while trying to earn a living wage.

There remains an ongoing battle and need for consideration for voice actors. Back in 2016, voice actors from major companies did a strike in retaliation for the unfair treatment that comes along with the job. 

Constant abuse and strain on the voices that their living requires of them give an adverse effect on the line of work and would need extreme care at the end of the day. 

Unless one were more than a typical figure, it would be a secure portion to disregard at the end of the day. The issue even extended into 2017, and the appeal still grows into these days of the first quarter of 2018.

The line of work can have varying rates, but there already has to be a secure tenure especially in the range of video games. There tends to be screaming and shouting, and on average the rates of pay between video game works in contrast to that of other media may have a huge discrepancy. 

It is a base work that can find a lot of difficulties regarding maintaining one’s health to fulfill the task. The nature of work remains in need of better conditions, so to say.

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