Summary: An understanding of the nature of being a streaming gamer.

The dawn of video game streaming back in 2012 popularity came from the buzzing career of the infamous Felix Kjellberg (PewDiePie), having the hitch of being able to garner enough views to obtain a sizable amount of income from his videos. PewDiePIe remains to be the top YouTuber, with the most amount of potential revenue and the highest number of subscribers on his channel. After a while, there was a boost on the kind of content that he made, and several others sprung into the action of that content, hoping to garner as much attention with their own time playing their games at their time.

The thing about using streaming as an avenue of income is that it requires an already set audience so that exposure may be a little bit of a start-up. Most gamers do post their time on YouTube while others openly interact with people contributing donations as they stream. Other sites available for the use of streaming also follows such as These avenues require intense attention and a good catcher. The opportunity to have these broadcasts have been broadened to the newer portion of the 21st century in a way to expose games for promotion and the like possibly. It also follows upon the release of more original games for new content.

Overall, it is still overtly helpful to the gaming community especially in shaping the perspectives for certain games that may be a little more on the obscure portion of sales. It is a hard option to gauge due to the growing number of people looking for an audience, but the idea of game broadcasts remains to be an entertaining one at the very most. The more considerable amount of content can compete and will be highly conducive to entertainment in both parties of creating and consuming the material.


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