Nintendo Switch Online Service adds 20 playable NES games with online save game backups, a Japanese multinational video game company revealed the offer. As expected, Nintendo has finally shared the details of its upcoming paid Nintendo Switch Online Service.


An affordable, multi-featured paid service will offer “Save Data Cloud” backup and additional features for the Nintendo Switch Online smartphone app for enhancing the online experience for compatible Nintendo Switch games. This new functionality enables users to enjoy online play for compatible games and access classic NES games.

Subscribers of the classic Nintendo Entertainment System games will be able to play the games when it launches in September. Save data being backed up online is available with Xbox Live Gold, PlayStation Plus, Steam, and others.

In addition, you’ll have an access to NES – Nintendo Switch Online which will initially include 20 games and more will be added “regularly,” according to Nintendo. The launch games include Super Mario Bros, The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight, and Dr. Mario, will be joined by Ice Climber, Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Soccer, and Tennis. 10 more games will be announced in the future.

“You can compete online with friends, share your screen, or pass the controller, depending on the game,” Nintendo said. “Depending on the game, players can engage in online competitive or co-op multiplayer, or take turns controlling the action.”

Subscriptions will be available for one month: $3.99, three months: $7.99, and 12 months: $19.99. Additionally, Family Membership will be available for $34.99.





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